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Karaoke Pedestal with Ipod Dock

36 Hour Rental $99.00

-Includes everything you need to host a karaoke party!

-iphone and ipod dock and FM radio!

-2 Microphones for Douette's

-4 Binders for Your Guests to View Songs

-2500 Karaoke Songs


Download the Singing Machine app to download free karaoke songs.

Also access Youtube for free Karaoke songs not listed in our library

Works best for medium parties of up to 30 people or less.

This karaoke machine has great features and loud sound. It stands about 4 feet high and its easy to use. Looking for a new party idea? Karaoke is the answer! When nobody is singing karaoke, use the iPod dock to play regular music to keep the party going!

San Antonio Karaoke Machine Rental



Karaoke Rental in San Antonio, TX

Delivery fees vary based on your location. Fees include pick up and delivery, e-mail or call us for details.




We rent our Karaoke Machines in the entire San Antonio Area including New Braunfels, Boerne, The Texas Hill Country and more!

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